Somedays I'm Off Duty

July 24, 2014

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I'm not usually into blogger-style-challenges, but it's different when the 'style' comes from Somedays Lovin, the inspiration is 'off-duty' and the challenge is to work this super cute floral midi skirt! And I was so not into the midi-trend but I'll admit, this little number has totally changed my perspective. So thank you Somedays, for teaming up with Arrow Divine and Shambhala in Byron Bay to put this whole thing together - where would I even BE in my life without realising I could do the floral midi skirt with my midriff showing? (currently appealing to my 83 and 13 year old self).

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So, I got to thinking about the whole 'off-duty' thing and how that looks in my life... and I realised that in this moment right now - for me there is no off-duty, nor on-duty... There just is. I've somehow managed to create a life that exists and thrives around the things I love to do, with the people I love, in the places we want to be. I could scream from the rooftops that I'm lucky and blessed to have all this land in my lap, but it would have a pretty big disclaimer of: I worked for it. 

Two months ago I couldn't have imagined I'd be in this position now - but life seems to change drastically when you tweak just a few little things. And those little things lead to big things when you open up and decide you deserve more. I know I deserve more than what I was settling for... and I'm betting you do too.

I am so so SO beyond excited to share a big new project I've been working on, which is going to see MojoMade shift and fly to a new creative space: jewelry, music and blog fully in-tact, but with a different approach...

I'm totally being vague. I know. Sorry. I'm like that annoying person who says 
"I've got a surprise for you". 
Good one jerk, you just ruined the surprise.
But you don't know what the surprise is.
Yeah, but now I know it's coming.



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Less is More: A Bachelor's Degree in Class

July 14, 2014

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My Mum always told me 'less is more', like I'm sure your Mum did too. When it comes to make-up, to perfume, and your skin to clothing ratio: less skin showing is actually more. Despite not being much of a mathematician, I always knew this equation didn't actually make sense, but I totally understood it from a style point of view (probably because during maths I was always looking at fashion magazines). Anyway, as it gets colder here in Sydney - which really isn't that cold (to those in the northern hemisphere, the Australian winter roughly translates to: you might want to take a scarf with you) - I'm realising that my Mum's advice of less is more can apply to a many more things in life than just what you're wearing *insert epiphany music here*

Growing up an only child meant I learned how to do a lot of things myself, which left me with a childhood hangover of many, many, many (to the power of 3) interests and talents. If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I'm a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, jewellery designer, artist and blogger… Which sounds like way too many things to focus on to ever get anything done. But I've come to realise, that IS me. It's all of me and whilst I'm working out how to balance it all in creative harmony, I'm opening up my blog as a space to share what I find.

Basically, I'm putting a method to my madness - and it's actually working! Hopefully what you see, read and hear adds a little inspiration to your own life. But more on that later, let's get to the fashion point of this post!!

I am actually wearing shorts under this jumper. They're just short shorts.

I'm obviously fond of showing a little leg, and I'm much more a short-shorts-girl than a mini skirt girl, which I link to always imagining "but what if I want a piggy-back or to do cartwheels? I can't do that in a skirt". And by that logic, I've always felt mini skirts were way too limiting. Anyways, it's pretty simple - the key to not looking like a tart is by only choosing to show one group area of skin at a time: something short on the bottom goes with long sleeves and bare shoulders goes with lots of length. 

Honestly, I think they should be teaching this stuff in high schools, and after walking through the cross last weekend, I'm positive that I could develop an entire Bachelor's Degree in 'class' for the all the naked girls showing a little clothing. There would be a Masters Degree in "looking at the back of your hair before you leave the house" which would lead to a PhD in "how to wear hair extensions" - but that's a whole other subject!

Yours in cartwheels,

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

The Bali Bible App

July 8, 2014

In six weeks, I'll be in Bali! I'm escaping the wintery fate of my August 21st birthday with my new Triangl bikini and hanging out with the people closest to me: my family and besties. Lucky for me, we all live in different cities of Australia so convincing everyone to meet in the tropics was easy!

So, in my Bali dreaming haze I've discovered this gorgeous little app called The Bali Bible, which has some great ideas for destinations, accommodation, restaurants, day trips, even weddings - you name it, it's all here. If you've never been, or just want some new ideas, this is a great place to start.

The incredibly beautiful island of Bali has come a long way in the eyes of travellers since the last time I was there a few years ago and sure has changed a lot since I was a teenager. And thankfully, so have I.  This trip is going to be something different, because I'm someone different. My perspective is all new and I'm excited to see the view from here...

Being a bit of a contradictory traveller who sits somewhere between pool-side cocktails and meditation, I'm looking for adventure mixed with celebration and a side of down time, exploring paths I haven't walked before… I'm piecing together some ideas for my trip and if there's anything you'd like to know about Bali, feel free to leave me a comment below so I can add your thoughts to the mix.

And no, I won't be getting my bali braids did.

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

… And Then I Woke Up.

July 7, 2014

As a style blogger I get the chance to wear the newest of new, most current of current fashion. I could just totally give in to trends and travel along on the surface, with nothing more than beautiful images and links to where you can buy what I'm wearing. But honestly, I couldn't think of anything more boring. 

For this post I pulled out some old favourites from Spell Designs and Free People to prove some kind of point, mostly to myself I think… That you don't need the latest and greatest new things on the outside to make you feel great, you just need to know yourself on the inside and the outside will pull itself together…

I spent ages trying to write this post with the right words to explain how my life has shifted from 'stagnant old life' to 'shiny new life'. And I just deleted all the wank I wrote. Because here's all you need to know:

I haven't been completely authentic on this blog.
And frankly, that goes for my music and life in general.
I haven't always given my full self in the way I've wanted to.
Every single aspect of my life was part of some puppet show, where all the strings were being pulled.
I listened to a lot of stupid opinions of a lot of stupid people.
I got caught up in a whole lotta bullshit.
I let go of my spark.
I melted and blurred.
I got lost in some crazy mirror maze with witches and dragons.

And then I woke up.

Basically, before I was living in some Groundhog-Day-type scenario and now I've gotten my lazy ass up off the couch and ejected the video. Yes, that's how old the movie was, it was still VHS. And I'm skipping DVD's and going straight to Blue-Ray. In fact, I'm not even watching a movie anymore - I'm filming my own! You feel me?!

I once heard a story that sums up pretty much where I'm at - but luckily well before I'm on my deathbed! It's believed to be written on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in the crypts of Westminster Abbey in London, England.

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, 
I dreamed of changing the world. 
As I grew older and wiser, 
I discovered the world would not change, 
so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country.

But, it too, seemed immovable.

As I grew into my twilight years, 
I settled for changing only my family and those closest to me,
but alas, they would have none of it.

And now as I lie on my deathbed, 
I suddenly realise: 
If I had only changed my self first, 
then by example I would have changed my family.

From their inspiration and encouragement, 
I would then have been able to better my country and, 
who knows, I may have even changed the world.

It's time for me to leave this place and step into the wild unknown. Now that I'm strong enough to let the walls down, I can invite you along for the journey and share it all with bright colours, vivid dreams, deep waters, winding roads, roller coaster highs and extreme adventure sports.

And I plan to look really good while doing it…
Are you with me?

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S
Spell Designs Leopard Dress

General Pants Co Hat - similar here

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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